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Advocates were eager for their day in court, while the city and MTA hoped the judge would dismiss the case. Demonstrators held another protest outside the courthouse, just as they did a few weeks ago before the last hearing. Retailers and other companies have been increasingly caught up in an explosion of boilerplate claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA , focusing on both websites and physical stores. Wheelchair users turned out en masse, lining one entire side of the court, and supporters spilled into the aisles of the courtroom…. Over the last decade, the number of lawsuits filed against companies for having a non-compliant ADA website has increased significantly.

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Initially, when the ADA Americans with Disabilities Act was enforced in , the internet was not as widely used as it is today. Moreover, the common misconception that many companies have when it comes to ADA compliance is ensuring that they meet the physical requirement. For instance, installing accessible bathroom stalls, handicap ramps or button activated doors….

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Jordan Valley owner, Tamer Ghboun says the violations are minor, but the compensation the firm is demanding is major. Ghboun was served at the end of March. Sacramento-area attorney Scott N. Johnson, who has sued thousands of small businesses in Northern California alleging violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act, was indicted Thursday by a federal grand jury on charges that he filed fraudulent tax returns on funds he received from the lawsuits.

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Johnson, a quadriplegic whose lawsuits have garnered settlements, forced ADA improvements at various storefronts and driven some firms out of business, was charged with three counts of making and subscribing a false tax return, U. Alfredo Estrada has reached an agreement with Amazon. Estrada, who is blind, was hired for a part-time sortation associate position at the Amazon. Commercial landlords are increasingly faced with lawsuits and administrative agency discrimination claims filed by disabled individuals seeking accommodations to allow equal access to office and retail spaces.

Federal, state and local laws protect the rights of disabled individuals and were written to break down the barriers that the disabled face day-to-day. In recent years, many companies have been swept up in a wave of lawsuits claiming that certain private commercial websites are inaccessible to users with disabilities and thus violate Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA.

For example, blind individuals, who use screen-reader software to access the Internet, have alleged that they are unable to visit certain websites that have not been properly coded to convert visual information to audio translations….

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Since its founding in , the LII has undertaken many notable projects, including republishing the Code of Federal Regulations, running a legal encyclopedia for quick definitions and understanding of legal topics, and conducting research into the readability of the law. Now, the organization is taking a step back and looking at its online infrastructure to make sure its content can be accessed by all people, including those with disabilities…. The cafe had been doing business in Menlo Park, California for 11 years. These lawsuits were all filed for different reasons: the width of bathroom stalls was too narrow, the front door was too heavy, and the lines for the handicap spaces in the parking lot were faded beyond recognition.

Restaurant owner Jason Kwan says the building was old—built 40 or 50 years ago. This was before the ADA was in place…. A Committee in the New York State Senate aims to develop a legal standard for the accessibility of business websites under New York law, in response to the exponential increase in website accessibility litigation in the state.

Whether state legislation could stem this tide, or instead make matters worse for businesses, remains to be seen. According to a recent article published in the New York Law Journal, a committee of state legislators in New York plan to develop a legal standard for website accessibility, in the wake of years of regulatory inactivity by the federal government….

The suit seeks damages on behalf of the People of the State of California and injunctive relief on behalf of a blind representative plaintiff, Bryan Bashin. The department has made matters even worse by refusing to provide Dr. Watson with a dedicated, qualified reader to help her complete the administrative tasks that she can no longer accomplish independently…. While we continue to wait for guidance from the government on website accessibility standards, plaintiffs continue to challenge the accessibility of company websites. More recently we have seen individuals challenge their access to employment under Title I of the ADA due to online application processes that they claim are not accessible….

The suit specifically refers to the statute of the ADA requiring public entities make transit stations accessible to those with disabilities and those who use wheelchairs whenever it changes the usability of a station…. Ohio-based builder Miller-Valentine failed to design and construct housing units and other facilities to make them accessible to people with disabilities, according to a lawsuit filed by the U.

Department of Justice. Congresswoman Luria introduced this bill after meeting with blind veterans in order to ensure that all VA online resources are accessible to every veteran…. Some local governments have already settled and spent tens of thousands of tax dollars to make the changes. When you think about a business being accessible to people with disabilities, you might think of handicap parking spaces, railings and ramps for wheelchairs.

We asked Maryetta Grabowski, who is blind, to show us how her screen reader reads website information aloud to her, enabling her to book rides, get news and shop online…. After negotiations following a years-long lawsuit against the District of Columbia DC , several disability advocacy groups and the district announced a settlement Tuesday, with the district agreeing to a number of significant improvements for thousands of residents and visitors with disabilities.

Lawsuits claiming that public webpages are not accessible to disabled users are being filed in Florida at an alarming rate. Over 2, people experienced disability discrimination by Greyhound and have received a settlement payout since Governor Northam today vetoed House Bill , which would change the Virginians with Disabilities Act VDA by requiring a claimant to provide at least days of notification to financial entities prior to the commencement of a lawsuit regarding web accessibility. This legislation would change the VDA by requiring a claimant to notify financial entities including banks, trusts, savings institutions, and credit unions, at least days prior to commencement of a lawsuit regarding web accessibility….

All week News10NBC investigated the thousands of lawsuits accusing the owners of restaurants, malls, art galleries and wineries of discriminating against people with disabilities.

Critics call the lawsuits a cash grab by serial plaintiffs and their lawyers. News10NBC learned Friday that the Rochester Institute of Technology, Nazareth College, and dozens of other colleges and universities have been sued for the same violations by the same guy from Brooklyn…. More and more lawsuits are getting filed against restaurants, malls, wineries and art galleries for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. News10NBC found one man responsible for more than a hundred of them. Our investigation started Tuesday.

Now, News10NBC is finding out why the system allows all these lawsuits to happen. The bottom line is there is nothing illegal about the lawsuits, so there is nothing to stop them. But critics say this is a cottage industry designed to make money for lawyers, not fix problems…. A frequent filer is going after a half-dozen companies claiming their websites are not accessible to blind and visually impaired people in violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Steve Madden Handbags Inc. I argued that public accommodations are not limited to physical structures and concluded that companies doing business with the public on the internet should maintain websites that are accessible to visually impaired individuals or risk violating the ADA. Eighteen years later, litigation involving website accessibility under Title III has skyrocketed, and there are no signs of plaintiffs slowing down…. Disabled students have accused BYU of lack of accessibility on campus, and said the university may be breaking federal disability statutes.

For almost 30 years the federal Americans with Disabilities Act has inspired or forced government agencies and private companies to alter how they conduct business. Joel Price, a blind Daytona Beach man who has sued Longboat Key and dozens of other Florida towns, cities and counties over access to their official websites, has filed at least a dozen more actions since early March. It started with a letter sent to the city of Gulfport earlier this year.

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A little-known committee chaired by State Sen. Diane Savino, D-Staten Island, has plans to tackle the issue, which has caused the number of lawsuits brought against businesses allegedly out of compliance with the ADA to skyrocket in recent years. Lawmakers in New York are planning legislative action to curb a surge in the number of lawsuits brought in federal court against businesses who operate websites that allegedly violate the terms of the Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA….

Examples of ADA reasonable accommodations are wheelchair ramps and handrails. The new lawsuits allege that the Internet is a place of public accommodation…. National Association of the Deaf v. Harvard University D. March 28, WL , No. On the same day, the court issued a similar ruling in a companion lawsuit against the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, relying on the rationale from the Harvard University decision…. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced Monday.

A disability suit by a Jersey City homeowner against the city for denying her request to build a carport in front of her yard instead of installing a handicap parking spot can proceed, according to a U. District Court judge. The lawsuit was decided without oral argument. The plaintiff is Juan Carlos Gil. He lives in Miami, was born with cerebral palsy, is legally blind, and competes in marathons. Several New York City art galleries have paid to settle lawsuits brought against them for allegedly violating the Americans With Disabilities Act because their websites were not fully accessible to hearing or visually impaired persons.

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John H. The U. An agreement has been reached that will allow people who use wheelchairs to enjoy Happy Hour specials at a Brookfield restaurant. Durham, U.

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It still seems achingly cryptic, whatever happened at Riverdale Parc. The seven-story, unit multifamily complex at Henry Hudson Parkway in Spuyten Duyvil opened just a few years ago. But apparently, someone made some big mistakes when it comes to ensuring the rental building complies with accessibility requirements of the federal Fair Housing Act, which prohibits housing discrimination, including because of disability…. It is no secret that businesses have long been awaiting a court decision that would help stem the surging tide of website accessibility cases — over a thousand of which have been filed in the Southern District of New York over the last two years.

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While the S. Apple, Inc. March 28, may not have gone as far as businesses would have hoped, it is nonetheless an important victory…. CUNA raised several credit union issues as House Appropriations subcommittees began hearings on federal agency budget requests for fiscal year this week. It submitted letters for the record Tuesday of hearings involving the Department of Justice, Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service.