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By Blood We Live

After a long time of being shunned, Louie finally forgives Jezebel for her klepto tendencies that she aims to put behind her forever. Will Trixie end up with fangs in this beautiful blonde pole dancer meets vampire story? Or will she safely return to Las Vegas and get vampire killers involved, creating a grim fate for all?

Each novella is approximately 15, to 25, words long. Although you can read each vampire book as a stand-alone, characters from one book may appear in other books. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition.

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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Apr 06, Deneale Williams rated it it was amazing Shelves: deneales-book-buzz. When I first started reading this book, the first thing that truly caught my eye, was the pole dancing. It made me smile, because I of course know the author. I was impressed that she actually managed to insert a piece of herself into this book. Trixie is a blonde and beautiful pole dancer.

Vampire Romance: Pierce: A Vampire Series: Novella 3

She isn't a Vampire, but she of course gets to meet one, and his name is Chris. And like most people, she finds them intriguing, but uncertain if she wants to turn against the 'team vampire' or not When I first started reading this book, the first thing that truly caught my eye, was the pole dancing. And like most people, she finds them intriguing, but uncertain if she wants to turn against the 'team vampire' or not, or maybe join, she can't help but wonder what is the right decision to make.

If Trixie decides to get Vampire killers involved, this could be a terrible fate for all. In the meantime, Alicia and Dagon finally tie the knot and Louie has finally forgiven Jezebel for klepto ways, and Jezebel insists that she will be putting the past behind her and keeping it there, point blank and period. Chris meets Trixie and wants to show her the light and the ways of the world of vamps but Trixie isn't sure that is exactly what she wants.

At Alicia and Dagon's wedding, its when the real tensions start arising, and the true spirits start to fly. This is where the problems start to arise. Suggestion: It is best to read the books in order, because the characters do appear in the other books. However, the books can be read alone. I found this book to unique in its own way, as with each of the stories, in "Pierce.

Never in my life would I consider mentioning a Lifetime movie remake, made by James fuckboy Franco, but here we are. In the remake, Franco reimagined the story with lesbian vampires.

Behind Those Eyes ~ 3 Doors Down TBLF 2014

When Leah meets Pearl in college, she immediately falls in love with her but soon discovers that Pearl is part of a group of women nightwalkers vampires who kill shitty men for blood. Everyone around the two of them conspire to keep them apart, but Leah and Pearl are legitimately good for one another and are fighting to live and love on their own terms.

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The 70s were littered with lesbian vampire films, but almost all of them focus on a predatory lesbian vampire queen who is turning women into vampires without their consent. While this is somewhat true of Mircalla later revealed to be the iconic lesbian vampire character Carmilla , the film is less about preying on a victim and more about someone finally coming to terms with who they are and what they actually want. The character of Susan is presented as being stalked and groomed by Mircalla throughout the film, when in reality, Susan is absolutely fascinated and attracted to Mircalla.

Inevitably, Susan gives in to her desire and has a lesbian affair with Mircalla, becoming a vampire in the process, and releases her repression to take charge for the first time in her life.

Sarah Susan Sarandon and immediately pounces on her like, the day after her husband dies. The film is iconic for having one of the most legitimately erotic WLW sex scenes in cinematic history, but the reason this film is getting a mention in this list is due to how the relationship comes to an end. Miriam and Sarah are not good for one another, because Miriam is a selfish and self-centered predator.

Knowing when to walk away is a good way to set up healthy boundaries, and The Hunger is a great example of doing just that. Like most films that came out of the exploitation lesbian vampire explosion of the s, the portrayal of the bisexual vampire couple in Vampyres is imperfect from a text standpoint, but extremely powerful from a subtextual perspective.

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The two have become vampires because they were killed during their mortal lives…for being together. The extremely popular web series Carmilla based on the pre-Dracula lesbian vampire novella of the same name felt like the answer to everyone who complained about the lackluster representation in Buffy the Vampire Slayer held as the golden goose. When Laura falls in love with the vampire Carmilla, the duo navigate a legitimate relationship regardless of their age gap and life experiences.

They share awkward flirting, a first kiss, a honeymoon phase, a break-up, and the ultimate reunion, but in a very healthy and realistic manner. Most people know Amy Heckerling for her groundbreaking work making Clueless, but her vampire best friend flick Vamps has gone unnoticed for far too long.

Stacy Kyrsten Ritter and Goody Alicia Silverstone play two vampire best friends living in a modern world. Goody has been a vampire for much longer than Stacy, and has helped her get through this massive life change in stride.