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Our 10 Favorite Monsters

Edward wrote: "My favorite monster is the Predator. Super tough, and with a wicked stealth capability too! Apr 25, AM. Vampire or Werewolf!

Who or what is your favorite Monster?

Jennifer wrote: "Vampire or Werewolf! And if you were a vampire would you sparkle in the sunlight? Apr 30, AM. My favorite monster is zombies and i think they are the sacriest as well, but if i had to be a monster i would be a werewolf. Jun 07, PM. I keep having these nasty nightmares about a stalker Dragon.

Top 10 Least Favorite Monster Hunter Subspecies

I might have to do a little therapy and write about it. Jun 09, AM. The Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth the guy with eyeballs in his hands has always been a favorite. Though from a traditional selection of monsters, I've always had a thing for zombies. Those lovable undead bastards.

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Mar 19, PM. Lycan, because you still get control of your body and you get to be a wolf at the same time. Mar 27, AM.

My favorite monster is C'thulhu. If I had a choice, I'd want to be a Skinwalker, all the fun of a werebeast but you get a stylish new accessory and none of the full moon troubles. Mar 27, PM. Werewolf or Zombie. Apr 17, PM. Nov 09, AM. Nov 16, PM. Dec 13, PM. Werewolf - more intelligence, less predictable.

Dec 14, AM. Favorite monster: Zombie. What sort of monster would I be: Werewolf. Dec 26, PM. Favourite monster? Hmmm, that's a tricky one I could not single out a particular favourite, because I like all three of them for different reasons. May 01, AM. I absolutely love dragons, hands down my favourite since childhood. But would I want to be one? Probably not. I would prefer to stay human, but if I had to choose, maybe something like a vampire.

Immortality mixed with eternal youth, yes please! Scariest is hard, everything would be equally scary if you came face-to-face with it, but I would have to say zombies. They haunt my nightmares sometimes, and they are a little too realistic for my liking. Jeanette wrote: "I would be a wyvern. The Alien in Rick wrote: "In either fiction or movies, I am a big fan of anything prehistoric.

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I have been a huge G My top three favourites are Stegosaurus, Spinosaurus especially the new 'knock-dragger' version , and Amargasaurus even though they say the twin sails were unlikely. Do you have any particular favourites? May 01, PM. Dan wrote: "Overlooking their portrayal in pop culture over the past ten years or so I'm going to go with Vampires. Vampires were always the scariest monster to me because they could blend in, and they just I always thought of vampires needing a considerable amount of blood to live, but a whole person's worth each night?

That is actually terrifying. Add a reference: Book Author. Search for a book to add a reference. We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards. Only flag comments that clearly need our attention. I was pretty terrified of it in Freedom2 even though every monster was horrific in the older games.

Recentish favorite is Zamtrios. Everyone loves a hefty shark with arms and legs! MH4 went into a really good direction by introducing more insects and huge snakes.

It really sparked hope in me that the next game would be crawling with huge beetles, worms and flying insects to fight. Who knows, maybe even the Vespoid Queen would make a return. The game still looking pretty good though. I love your 1!!! Forget just being the unofficial mascot sorry palicoes , kut-ku was my first wall, and almost the reason I stopped playing the game originally. Stupid chicken game me many a nightmare.

Rotem Sivan's Latest Album Is a Monster Achievement - JAZZIZ Magazine

Peco was always a fun fight in low rank using a hammer. Just duff him in the chest when he calls. But high rank I did my best to avoid hunts that had him listed unless otherwise required. My top 10 favorite Monsters in Monster Hunter Games.

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Video Games. ChefLuBu November 2, , pm 1. CaptainMorton November 2, , pm 2. Like, literally exactly that.

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NiceTigrex November 2, , pm 3. ChefLuBu November 3, , am 5. Velocirapture November 3, , am 6. Skyler November 3, , pm 7. I miss read and thought i was coming to see your top ten favorite monsters in Monster Factory. Ghostofst4rm4n May 28, , pm 8. And to a answer your question my favorite monster has gotta be Rajang. The theme still gives me goosebumps when I hear it.

CreamyGoodness May 28, , pm 9. Katu November 20, , pm Ghostofst4rm4n May 28, , pm Scaeva November 3, , pm

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