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After his wife's death, Maxwell makes increasingly callous attempts to pursue this mystery, even paying to see a critically injured child and angrily storming out when the child makes a full recovery.

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Finally, Maxwell loses his patience and attempts to kill his wife's brother-in-law Hal with a gun. In the ensuing struggle, Maxwell is fatally shot, and begs Hal to look into his eyes. As Hal obeys, he sees the reflection of the terror beyond death in Maxwell's eyes, and is driven to permanent insanity.

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A homeless man encounters a crying baby warlock in the town dump who is upset that he has broken his balloon. The homeless man remembers that he's got a dime on him and so he gives it to the kid and tells him to get another balloon. The kid thanks him and tells him that he'll pay him back some day.

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The homeless man notices dimes start to fall from the nozzle of an abandoned bathtub and can't believe his good fortune. He gathers them up and goes into town to eat at a fancy restaurant, donate to the Salvation Army and buy new clothes. A criminal observes that the man has run into some money and follows him back to the dump to relieve him of it.

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The criminal kills the homeless man and the little boy is angry. He causes his new balloon to grow so large that it engulfs the killer, then he approaches the balloon with a large pin. A failed painter murders in order to acquire magic paint and canvas which legend states will change your life if you complete a paint-by-numbers portrait. The man completes the portrait and cheerfully waits for his life to change as the ghoul with a knife raised high over its head steps out of the canvas behind him.

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