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The Deliverance; a romance of the Virginia tobacco fields. The Bag of Diamonds. George Manville Fenn. The Treasure of Heaven. Bret Harte's Collected Works. The Younger Set. Faith Gartney's Girlhood. Adeline Dutton Train Whitney. Quality And Other Essays. Galsworthy John. The Ghost. O'Conner William D.

Bulldog and Butterfly. David Christie Murray. Samuel Hopkins Adams. Selected Writings. James Whitcomb Riley. The Literary Sense. Edith Nesbit. A Sheaf of Corn. Mary E. Sarah Orne Jewett. March Hares. Harold Frederic. What Necessity Knows. Lily Dougall. The Stories of the Three Burglars. Like Dickens and like Bret Harte, Duncan was a frank moralist.

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His chief concern was in winnowing the souls of men and women bare of the chaff of petty circumstances which covered them. His stories all contain at least a minor chord of sentiment, but are usually free from the sentimentality which mars some of Harte's sketches. He is not ashamed to employ pathos, but his tragic situations are rarely overstrained and maudlin. In the delicacy and sensibility of his delineation of women he undoubtedly surpasses Bret Harte, most of whose women are either exaggerated or colorless.

Moreover, Norman Duncan possessed a very genuine understanding of children, particularly of young boys, of whom he was exceedingly fond. Variety and color in characters and situations, vividness of descriptions--especially in those of the stormy sea--rapidity of movement and dramatic intensity in narratives, genuine sentiment and real tenderness, humor, and pathos, and, above all, a healthy, vigorous, Anglo-Saxon morality--all of these qualities make of Norman Duncan's books and short-stories literature that is distinctly worthy and permanent in character.

Yet it might be neither.

There was a disquieting alternative. No doubt the message disposed of the delicate affair for good and all in ten terse words. The maid had made up her mind; she had disclosed it in haste: that was all. It might be, however, that the dispatch conveyed news of a more urgent content. It might be that the maid lay ill--that she called for help and comfort.

In that event, nothing could excuse the reluctance of the man who should decline an instant passage of Scalawag Run with the pitiful appeal. True, it was not inviting--a passage of Scalawag Run in the wet, gray wind, with night flowing in from the sea. No matter about that. Elizabeth Luke had departed from Scalawag Harbor in confusion, leaving no definite answer to the two grave suggestions, but only a melting appeal for delay, as maids will--for a space of absence, an interval for reflection, an opportunity to search her heart and be sure of its decision.

If, then, she had communicated that decision to her mother, according to her promise to communicate it to somebody, and if the telegram contained news of no more consequence, a good man might command his patience, might indulge in a reasonable caution, might hesitate on the brink of Black Cliff with the sanction of his self-respect.

But if Elizabeth Luke lay ill and in need, a passage of Scalawag Run might be challenged, whatever came of it. And both Tommy Lark and Sandy Rowl knew it well enough. They were accosted in haste by the telegraph operator. She was a brisk, trim young woman from St.

Harbor Tales Down North by Norman Duncan - Free Ebook

John's, new to the occupation, whose administration of the telegraph office was determined and exact. Are you crossing at once? The young woman tossed her red head. It is a matter of some importance. It's a secret of the office. This was astonishing simplicity. Permitted to tell who the telegram was from!

Presently she decided that no regulation of the office would be violated by a frank answer. Obviously she could not send the message without announcing its destination. Jacob Luke? Tommy Lark turned to Sandy Rowl. Sandy Rowl turned to Tommy Lark. Their eyes met.