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We are very open to diversity in casting and ALL ethnicities are encouraged to audition. If you are unable to navigate this online process, call Lakewood Theatre at Lakewood's production will be directed by John Oules and the musical director is Darcy White. Location: Lakewood Theatre Company S.

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Audition Requirements:. Performances are Thurs. State Street in Lake Oswego. Abou t the musical The Rocky Horror Show , the musical by Richard O'Brien, is a humorous tribute to the science fiction and horror B movies of the late s through early s. The musical tells the story of a newly engaged couple getting caught in a storm and coming to the home of a mad transvestite scientist unveiling his new creation, a muscle man named Rocky Horror.

Please note: All roles are open. Lakewood supports and encourages diversity in all casting. Brad: Male, Age tenor, high G, a handsome and wholesome young man, must be able to play stilted innocence and as well as some fragility. Janet: Female, Age , mezzo with belt, occasional high F, a youthful, pretty and wholesome young woman, she is coy and shy at first then becomes sexy and outlandish. Narrator : Male or female, Age range , mostly non-singing, guides us through the show in a dry, British-humor-inspired manner, a unique speaking voice is required, must have a strong presence.

Comes back to life only to die after his solo.

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These characters are involved in audience interaction and should be comfortable and have experience with improvisation. Auditions are by appointment.


Callbacks and dance auditions will be held on Wednesday, May 1 and Thursday, May 2, Dropkick Murphys' singer Ken Casey says that he heard a Woody Guthrie line about a "sailor peg" and improvised the rest in a rehearsal. Kiss helped define Detroit's rock identity with "Detroit Rock City," but the storyline that plays out in the song didn't take place in Detroit.

Paul Stanley reportedly had the song title and finished the rest of the lyrics after a fan was killed outside a Kiss show in Charlotte, North Carolina. Atmosphere's "Say Shh" is beloved in the group's home state of Minnesota.

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Speaking of the track, member Slug says it's relatable for those living outside of the state, as well, telling news website Minnesota Connected, "A song like 'Say Shh' translates well because it's about being proud of where you're from. Many people can relate to that if they choose to. Faith Hill is a native of Ridgeland, Mississippi, and puts her Magnolia pride front and center in her track "Mississippi Girl. The song has since been recorded by over different artists.

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He had been on tour with Merle Haggard and decided to take a few vacation days in the western state. Davis wrote the tune after becoming "thoroughly impressed with how majestic and beautiful the place is," he recounted in a Chicago Tribune interview. Speaking with Omaha. I tried it in all of my bands. Nobody could play it. People could not get the feel right.

The Boss has scored much of the credit for this Jersey anthem, but Waits has taken it in good fun, joking to interviewer Bill Flanagan in , "Bruce Springsteen? Well, I've done all I can for him. He's on his own now. Neil Young recorded his classic track "Albuquerque" following the death of two of his Crazy Horse band members: guitarist Danny Whitten and roadie Bruce Berry.

It's a sentimental track that captures the essence of a long drive down a desert highway. James Taylor was born in Boston but spent much of his childhood in North Carolina.

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He was on a vacation in Ibiza, Spain, when he said he kept going to Carolina in his mind and wrote the tune out of homesickness. The track was included as part of his self-titled debut album. He borrowed a guitar from Crosby and wrote the song before leaving the house. When he recalls hearing the song for the first time, Crosby told Young's biographer Jimmy McDonough, "I was freaked out because I felt it so strongly.

Miranda Lambert is a hero in her home state of Oklahoma. Beyond just growing up there, she has also established charity organizations to give back in several communities. Fellow country star Cam used it as the first dance song at her wedding.

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Loretta Lynn's "Portland, Oregon" is a perfect fit for the oh-so-hip city. Jackson Browne lauded the track in Rolling Stone, calling it "quite a feat. The song paints a vivid image of the state's lush countryside with a story that mirrors Parsons' own struggles as a child in the Southeast.

Bruce Springsteen came up with the title "Badlands" before he had any idea of what the song would sound like. According to The Boss, the title came quickly but the song itself took a little longer. Yelawolf was raised by a bartending single mom in Alabama and moved throughout Tennessee as a kid. His blue collar upbringing gave him a deep love for the South and its less privileged citizens. The rapper told The Guardian his tribe is "not the ideal American," but rather "the Slumerican. Waylon Jennings and his longtime collaborator Willie Nelson scored nearly instant "anthem" status with the release of "Luckenbach, Texas" in The song is named after a tiny hamlet south of Austin.

Waylon had never visited Luckenbach when he first began performing the song, his son later revealed. The Beach Boys are best known as California icons, but they earned a special place in the state of Utah with their track "Salt Lake City. Wilson was initially ambivalent about the town, but Love was so impressed that he insisted they write a tribute song. The track was a multi-million selling hit and especially popular with troops serving overseas in World War II as it depicted a classic American scene. Not only did the rock icon grow up in the Springfield, Virginia, suburb of Washington, D.

Before rising to fame as a member of Nirvana, Grohl fully expected to live his whole life in the D. Adam Young of Owl City wrote his iconic Washington state tribute "Hello Seattle" before he had really spent much time there. After spending some time in the Emerald City, he admitted to Songwriting Magazine that it would be nice to write the song "over again and touch on what I thought it was and what it is.

John Denver's writing partners Bill Danoff and Taffy Nivert were reluctant to play the newly finished song for Denver, thinking it was better suited to Johnny Cash. John Prine wrote his classic track "Lake Marie" after visiting the lake during a tour stop in Wisconsin. A crew member had told Prine that the lake had some legendary history in the area.

Elton John - I'm Still Standing

Prine was so curious about the lake he took time out of the tour to research it at a local library. Chris LeDoux was a son of Wyoming and remained in the state even after becoming a bonafide country star. Despite pressure to move to Nashville, LeDoux felt that he'd be more credible singing about the cowboy life if he lived in a state with actual cowboys.

His hometown of Kaycee named its town park for LeDoux after his death in Here's the best song about every state -- 50 songs as diverse as the U. Timothy B. Bruce Springsteen acknowledges the audience after performing. Tupac Shakur in Denver was killed in a small-airplane crash 12 years later.

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