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Kindly guide me under which head now I may file the rectification.

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Its very much not into our knowledge scope. I have paid the insurance premium for current year and the next year in advance. My question is can I claim tax benefit in the next year?

Dear Kewal, you mean to say, in your form 16, there are entries of tax payment which are not there in your form 26AS? I have a question. I revised my IT declaration to 1. Should my tax liability and therefore deduction at source reduce? I have one more query. I wrote the the concerned authority in my department but they are reluctant and not rectified the mistake so far. What may be the consequences of this and what is the solution? I am a salarized govt employee. I received gift of Rs. Do i need to show this amount in my income tax return as this amount is not taxable under IT Act?

I presume that i have to use ITR-1 for filing my return. For the fiscal year , there was a deduction of TDS which I forgot to claim, because due to some reason 26AS was not available with me. The tax was deducted by the bank for an FD. Since I was out of India during the fiscal year and paying taxes outside , my Indian income was not taxable.

I had already filed the tax and it got approved. Now my question is can I ask for a rectification? I am a government employee Indian Army. Secondly, I have query regarding exemptions, my annual salary is Rs. My salary include transport allowance not exempted in form And I want to claim this. Then I sent the same ITR form to income tax department.

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Later on, I paid the remaining tax using chalan online. And I checked that it is being reflected in my form 26AS under part C. Now my doubt is that do I need to file revised return and send the new ITR form to income tax dept or should I wait for an acknowledgement of my previously sent ITR form? Please suggest. Hi I have filled my itr1 on last year through online , but i missed to post the itr1 to Income-tax dept. I would like to know that which ITR form should be filed. Dear Ravina, as your total income is in zero tax slab, you need not to file Income Tax Return.

I have deposited 4L Rs.

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Also the bank has done TDS for Rs. Hi In this financial year my income tax was not deducted as i have submitted all investment proof do I still need to file form And my employer has not given me the hard copy of form 16 as i have no income tax deducted. I would be greatful to you if you reply to my query and mail me to my email. Dear Meena, it seems your total income is less than 5L Rs. Hello, I have filled rs. The actual amount which was mentioned in my form 16 was Do I need to rectify the above said amount. A quick response will be highly appreciated.

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Dear Vikas, the effective amount is 1L Rs. I am just wondering that what is the best time to invest in PPF account. So I can show it in income tax filing FY Dear Narayan, at the start of FY e. For the Assesment year , the yearly interest earned was Rs for which the TDS of amount Rs was deducted. However the entire interest earned will only be credited to me after the completion of six years i.

I file my ITR for the salary which I get. In Form 26AS the amount of Rs is also displayed.

Dear Ashish, yes you should report the accrued interest and TDS thereon. Hello sir, It is nice to go through the site, which has given clarification to many doubts on IT matters to its viewers. I am posting a querry which require your attention and reply. I engage persons for training on medical transcription and also has started a sole proprietorship concern wherein jobs were taken on contract and executed with the help of my trained staff and freshers. For this, my income is from two sources 1. The trainee fee that I am collecting from trainees.

The contracted payment being received from my clients. I distribute the salary for those staff who are engaged in doing my work for my clients. Also I incur expenses towards electricity, Internet, salary for other teaching staff for conducting english classes for the training. The payment is being received into my current account. Please let me know my tax liability in such a situation.

Also, which form i should use for filing my return. The business is started during this financial year and as such when should I comply with the tax requirement.

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What are the deduction that I can claim for running my business? Can i efile my return? Do I have to deduct income tax from my staff from their salary and if so, where I have to deposit the deducted amount. Would like your expert advice. Dear Vineeth, how about hiring a CA for doing all this petty work Income Tax so that you can concentrate more on your serious job?

I think its better you consult a CA On this. It would be a complex thing to find out what is your income tax. I am a medical transcriptionist doing my work at home on the basis work given by my client. Now I would like to know on which IT form I should file my it return for the AY , as I am confused on the form to be used for filing.

Would like to know from experts. Also, whether can i e-file my return with the available information. Pl guide. I have some doubts in income filing FY AY My mother is pensioner and getting approx. PPF funded in She has 3 fixed deposits in 2 different banks. Can you please clarify? Another query; Last year she had received approx.

So should this be added in this FY income tax filing? Should I get PAN data corrected before return filing or can I submit at Faizabad office with same earlier juricdiction. Dear Praphull, you ask for transfer of your jurisdiction to Faizabad office. You may opt for e-file also mandatory if your income is more than 5L Rs.

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My q4 tds is not updated in itr tds section while it is updated in 26AS. Can i edit that column and write the actual paid tds as in form 26AS? I am not very sure on this. I am a retired person from State Bank of India. I get pension of around 30K per month and i get interest on my deposits of around 20K per month. I pay income tax on time. I want to know that can i claim tax exemptions on Rs. I had a doubt. Till last year, we had to fill the excel sheet for ITR-1 manually and generate xml. This year we can pre-fill it using the tool. Should it be the Income under head salaries only?

Because when i use the pre-fill option, i get a greater amount pre-filled in the section mentioned above? Am i correct? Its too technical question for me as I have not used that excel..