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Toxicologists are needed throughout the drug development process. Once a promising candidate drug has been chosen, it must be more comprehensively tested for toxicity; this involves the use of animals. The blood and tissues from exposed animals need to be carefully examined for toxicity. Later in the drug development process, it may also be necessary to determine whether the drug may cause cancer or is likely to cause developmental or reproductive toxicity, such as effects on fertility or birth defects.

It may be necessary to design specialised studies to further investigate any toxicity.

These experiments often involve sophisticated biochemical, immunological, molecular or microscopical techniques. Before a new drug can be given to patients, the pharmaceutical company must demonstrate the safety of the drug in a series of laboratory tests.

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This exact nature of these tests is normally specified by toxicologists working in regulatory authorities, such as the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency MHRA , who will ultimately give permission for the drug to be used in humans. Angewandte Kultur- und Translationsstudien deutsch-polnisch.

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Basic Principles of Toxicology

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