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Weight loss is so much more than just body image, so instead of idolizing someone by how they look, pick someone who is a baller at the gym—or maybe a healthy food blogger—to follow instead. And for some different inspiration to lose weight, check out the 10 Craziest Celebrity Weight Loss Stories of But for some people, a post-gym cigarette is relaxing. The Cleveland Clinic says that smoking not only makes it harder for you to exercise but that you also reap less benefits from exercising. So, if you are trying to hit that weight loss goal, put the pack aside.

For good. A study found that overweight or obese people tend to hangout with other people who have similar lifestyles as them. On the other hand, those who hung out with other people trying to lose weight—or people who were thinner than them—had much better results.

You Don’t Need Motivation to Lose Weight, You Need Discipline

It may sound harsh, but stick with those folks. Few things are more motivating than a little treat at the end of a hard workout or after a healthy dinner. A study found that the thought of losing a reward motivated the study subjects to complete their exercise goals more than a control group that did not have a reward. So give yourself a metaphorical pat on the back and maybe have a cupcake after each successful pound drop. Keeping yourself on track for your weight loss goals can be as easy as simple dietary shift.

A study proved that just increasing the fiber intake in your diet is a simple and effective way to improve your weight loss. Lentils, steel-cut oats, chickpeas—slate all of these foods into your diet. You may think about cutting out that daily doughnut or pizza slice, because they are high in calories and fat, but cutting out foods you will still have exposure to is actually antithetical for weight loss. A study showed that people who restricted themselves from certain foods had a hard time controlling impulses around the food when they end up exposed to it.

Eat everything in moderation. Sometimes controlled diets do work effectively at helping you keep weight off—but this comes at the cost of having to stay on them seemingly indefinitely.

Weight Loss Motivation

Not only do they give you a psychologically negative look at food, but many studies show that people who follow a controlled diet usually gain the weight back right after they end it. Keeping track of what you eat is a great way to document different healthy recipes that you know you like and should make again.

It can also help you meet your weight loss goals. A study from studied the effects of drinking 16 ounces of water before each meal and how the practice pertains to weight loss. Researchers found that drinking 16 ounces of water about two glasses can help you lose up to 44 percent more weight.

1. I wanted to experience life to the fullest.

Plus, water has so many other health benefits—from promoting smooth skin to keeping you energized—that there is no reason to skip out on this one. This goal is so specific, that you can practically see yourself running already, right? Writing down goals has been proven to bring success. Just think what writing down your goals can do for your weight loss efforts! Make your goals visible by writing them down in a creative and artistic way. This process will also help you see in terms of what is actually possible, and avoid you getting caught up in rational thinking.

Feeding in from the SMART goals we just talked about, you might find it easier to set small, realistic targets on a daily basis rather than an audacious weight loss goal. After all, losing weight is about making you healthier and fitter — rather than simply the number on the scale. They will also provide you with the encouragement you need to keep going.

Keep trying, and keep setting yourself new goals. The more excess the baggage, the shorter the trip. Trying to lose weight can be a lonely journey, however good you are at goal setting. Many of us go it alone in the hopes that our willpower will sustain us — that, or we feel that we are the only one who needs to make healthy changes to our lifestyle. Unfortunately, it is also much easier to fail on your own than to fail as a part of a strong, supportive group.

You Don’t Need Motivation to Lose Weight, You Need Discipline

Do whatever you need to do to build a support system:. These people will keep you accountable for showing up, and for making progress. If you thrive on competition, turn it around and use it to your advantage — compete with a friend in spin class, or swim laps with a buddy. Having this conversation will show them how important it is to you and allow them to ask how they can support you.

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There are online journaling services as well as an abundance of pretty notebooks out there to assist you in this process. Journalling how much you eat and exercise is a great way to record and reflect on your weight loss progress. Online apps like MyFitnessPal work by allowing you to input what you have eaten on a particular day — from a database of tens of thousands of logged food items, from grocery stores and restaurants — as well as any exercise you have done.

As well as updating your weight, it allows you to upload photos as you go, so you can see the physical difference in your body over time.

5 easy-to-remember rules to jumpstart weight loss

This can be a great motivator! Keeping a food diary is not the be all and end all, but it can help you to keep track of your progress and to better understand your eating habits. A small reward for a job well done goes a long way to boost motivation — just think about the joy you felt when you were awarded a sticker or stamp in your homework diary as a child! Try to avoid rewarding yourself with food. And if you need some more healthy-food inspiration, check out these 10 Painless Ways to Upgrade Your Diet. For more helpful tricks, know these 15 Best Second Health Hacks.

For example, you can make a pizza crust from broccoli and mashed potatoes from cauliflower, and also use Portobello mushrooms or lettuce wraps for buns. And knowing you can still have the foods you love is some of the best weight loss motivation out there! We all fall off our plans every now and then.

The trick isn't to let it derail the entire plan. If your plan means hitting the gym 4 days a week and avoiding carbs—and you can't help but hit up your friend's pizza party on Wednesday night—don't let feelings of guilt keep you from picking up where you left off on Thursday. We're living in the golden age of fitness trackers—and tech that targets your health and wellbeing—so give yourself an edge by picking up something that will give you reliable data about your progress.

You'll be able to set data-based milestones a few pounds lost, for instance , and you can reward yourself for your effort as you see your progress improve. You don't have to transform into Ah-nold to reap the benefits of free weights or machines. The truth is, you need to perform some type of resistance exercise to build muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest and the better you'll fee about your transforming body. No longer thought of as a vice, coffee has been shown recently to help you live longer, protect your liver, and even ward off diabetes.

How Did "Carter" Stay Motivated To Lose 140+ Pounds?

The caffeine is also a great way to make your workouts livelier and enjoyable by providing you with an extra jolt of energy. Just limit any additions of dairy or sugar for maximum benefits. And if you're still not sold on drinking a cup of joe, check out these 75 Amazing Benefits of Coffee. High-intensity interval training HIIT is a must-add workout routine when trying to shed pounds. The protocol pairs burst of intense, all-out effort with more moderate exertion to ramp up calorie burning and torch fat. The modality has also been linked to extending life by rebuilding cells and keeping diabetes away by improving insulin sensitivity.

Standing up regularly throughout the day, even if you aren't actually engaging in sweaty exercise, triggers your brain's internal scale and tamps down appetite. Fiber is a hard-to-digest carb found in fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

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Aim to get about 38 grams of fiber a day, because it will make you feel fuller more quickly and for longer, staving off hunger pangs. If you haven't heard by now, processed foods basically anything that comes in a box or package aren't good for you in the long run. Limit consumption and don't buy them.

Weight Watchers

Sugar has now replaced fat as the No.